The idea of buying a carpet gets you excited, but do not buy the carpet right away just because you feel it so. There are a lot of things you should consider when you buy one, the color, the fabric, the style and durability so you can get the satisfaction you deserve. Read this article to find out more about carpets.  


Room Use 

Once you go to the carpet store, a dealer will ask you how you are going to use the carpet in a room, or how the room is going to be used, if there is a heavy or light traffic room and a couple of other things. The dealer will then give you a list of carpet style and grade to choose from that would work best on the room you’re going to put it. Remember to be more detailed about your expectations of the carpet. Tell the dealer if you have pets and children around, do not shy away.  

Color and Style 

The type of room you’re going to use the carpet on is going to affect what color and style the carpet should be. If you’re going to use the carpet on the living room where there is heavy foot traffic, a light-colored carpet might not be the best. If you have kids playing on the floor, carpets with lighter color will only create more maintenance. For the fabric, it’s also important to consider a carpet fabric where the kids won’t find themselves covered in loose fibers.  

The size of the room will also matter when you choose a color. Lighter colored carpets will make a small room look larger while a large room can be look cozier by using mid-dark tones. The lighting of the room should also be a consideration. If the room has lots of natural light, then the carpet’s true color would show. But if the room doesn’t get much natural light, you will need a lighter shade so it won’t look darker.  

When you go to the carpet store, bring swatches of fabric from furniture, paint chips and wallpaper samples. This will help you choose the perfect color that will match the existing decoration you have. The color should also match your mood and personality.  


Another thing to consider is the cost. What is the purpose of installing the carpet? Do you plan on selling it or it’s just for remodeling? When you determine the carpet style, if you’re planning to resell the house you should select a neutral toned. If you are remodeling, consider exploring other styles. Think about the durability of the carpet, the room size and the dealer will give you an estimate of the cost.  


The carpets will look the same once you see them in a store, but don’t let your eyes fool you. The performance of each carpet is different from each other. Choose the carpet that resists crashing and color fading. Also, choose the one that keeps the stains and soil from penetrating. Choose the carpet that only needs professional cleaning once or twice a year because it has an anti-static protection.